Hospital beds

Hospital bed Features and benefits

Benefit of having a hospital bed

An electric hospital bed can help increase the independence and safety of your loved one by making it easier to get out of bed and be mobile. These beds ensure the protection of your loved ones and can be moved to any area around the home with 6” Casters and locking mechanism. Improve the comfort and care of your loved one with therapeutic mattress which is beneficial for long term use and allows more freedom through the night while remaining safe.

Hospital bed vs having your own:

1. Compatibility with your other health care devices: A hospital bed makes Your wheelchair, rollator, bed table and transfer devices more convenient and accessible, as you can easily change the position of the bed to allow for easier accessibility.

2. Adjustable feature accessible by just the touch of a button.

3. Eases pressure of caretakers and care giver by allowing your loved one to be cared for more easily.

Features of a hospital bed:

1. Adjustable positioning with backrest elevation up to 90 degrees which assist in sitting up, allowing your loved one to gain increase independence. Adjustable position of lower limb for increase comfort and circulation.
2. Adjustable bed height feature, improving the safety and convenience of transfers in and out. Manual feature and accessories also included.
3. Hospital beds also include an added safety feature. With the option of full or half rail your loved one can relax through the night knowing they are at no risk of falling.

Therapeutic features of a hospital bed:

1. Our hospital bed packages include an upgraded mattress. These mattresses are pressure re-distribution foam mattresses which can prevent bed ulcers.

2. Low shear and friction feature allows for easy transfer and moving of your loved one in and out of the bed.

3. Other benefits include adjustable positioning, which can help to improve circulation, acid reflux, respiration issues and sleep apnea.

Drive Hospital bed:

  • The Delta ultra-light 1000 Full-electric bed has a unique style with a taller headboard than footboard.
  • These wood grain boards are break and scratch resistant.
  • Label and colour coded springs make for easy installation of side rails
  • Unique motor is self contained to reduce noise and weight
  • Safety tested bed and side rails by nationally recognised facility
  • 9volt battery located in the hand control for adjustment up to 9 full cycles.
  • Increased convenience with easy to use pendant and hook to store pendant on rails.
  • Optional full or half length rails.

Mattress Features:

  • Drive’s most popular high quality therapeutic foam mattress maximizes value and comfort with 3 full layers of latex free foam which provides pressure redistribution and shear/friction reduction
  • Full width top layer uses unique pattern to optimize zoned pressure redistribution
  • Extended durability and life of the mattress
  • High density foam edges provide solid edge support and facilitate safe patient transfers
  • Visco foam heel section takes pressure off vulnerable heels
  • Removable multi-stretch cover is fluid resistant which  protect the skin from friction and moisture
  • Flame resistant tested meets standards.

INVACARE Hospital bed:

  • The full electric bed has universal bed ends which can be used as either head or footboard.
  • High impact bed ends are scratch resistant for easy cleaning
  • Rubber casters to prevent floor scuffing and marking
  • Compact low voltage motor for truly quiet operation and faster adjustment of height or position allowing more efficient set up.
  • Waterproof motor enclosing allowing the bed to be washed at standard pressure.
  • Ergonomic hand pendant with waterproof casing and pendant cradle to clip on rail (sold seperately)
  • Color coded connections and double insulated wiring help protect against electrical shock.
  • Optional full or half length rails


  • The Invacare® Solace® Prevention Series Mattresses are unique single and dual-layered foam mattress replacements that are designed to help minimize the risk of pressure ulcers by distributing weight as uniformly as possible and allowing blood to flow through the capillaries in areas prone to lesion development.
  • The Prevention Series offers four mattresses, each increasing in treatment efficacy as you move up the line. The unique and patented designs combine comfort and technology for patient and caregiver confidence.
  • A zoned top layer relieves pressure in the important susceptible body zones. The convoluted “fortress” cut design offers more surface area for patient support and relief.
  • Two layers of high quality foam include softer head and heel sections. Available in 80″ standard length.