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Walkers & Rollators Products In Brampton And Mississauga

We offer a wide selection of walkers, rollators and other mobility aids.

We offer a wide selection of walkers, rollators and other mobility aids.

The Issue

Do you struggle with your balance while walking? Are your afraid you may fall? Are you having trouble getting from A to B? The team at ADAPT Home Health Care can help!

At ADAPT Home Health Care, we offer Walkers and Rollators to our customers for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Loss of balance
  • Fear of falling
  • Recovery from surgery
  • Injury
  • Breathing/Heart Issues
  • Trouble walking

If you struggle to use any of the above listed issues, we can help! Our team of experts will assist you in finding the ideal product for your situation.

The Solution

The best solution to improve your safety in your daily life is to purchase a Rollator or Walker. Let the team at ADAPT Home Health Care show you how Walkers and Rollators products can keep you safe and help you regain your independence!!

At ADAPT Home Health Care, we carry a wide variety of Walkers and Rollators products. The brands we carry include: 

  • Nexus
  • Drive
  • Evolution

All of our Walkers and Rollators products are made specifically to keep the user stable and safe. It is important that Walkers and Rollators products are properly used so that the user gets the full benefit of the product. When you visit us, our team will help explain how to properly use the Rollator or Walker. At ADAPT Home Health Care, our team always makes sure that your health and happiness is a number one priority.

What If I Don’t Get Walkers and Rollators Products?

Sometimes patients choose not to get Walkers and Rollators products, even though a health professional has suggested that they should. There are many downsides to not getting Walkers and Rollators products when you require them.
Lack of exercise
One of the major risks associated with not getting Walkers and Rollators products when they have been suggested by a healthcare professional is lack of exercise. If you have been told to get a walker or rollator, it is likely because you do not have the ability to be mobile without assistance. By not getting a Walker or Rollator, you will not be able to walk or exercise at all which can lead to obesity and other health concerns.
By not utilizing Walkers and Rollators products, your safety can be at risk. Most individuals who need a Walker or Rollator need one because they cannot get around on their own without risking a slip or fall. This means that if you choose not to rent or purchase one, you could have a serious fall that could result in sprains, broken bones, or worse.
Loss of Independence
If you choose not to purchase or use a Walker or Rollator, then you will not be able to get around on your own. This will lead to a loss of independence which can be devastating for many individuals. You will be stuck relying on family, friends, or home health aides to help you complete everyday tasks.
By not utilizing the benefits of a hospital bed, the caregiver that you have hired may not be able to complete their job to the best of their abilities. Hospital beds, unlike standard beds, allow the caregiver to elevate the patient to their level. They also allow the caregiver to assist the patient in leaving the bed.
There are several negative consequences to not getting Walkers and Rollators products when you require them. Although Walkers and Rollators products may not be ideal, they can help prevent several negative outcomes as listed above.

What's Next?

Now that you’ve decided to get your Walkers and Rollators products, you may be wondering what the next steps are.

When you arrive at one of our three ADAPT Home Health Care locations across the Greater Toronto Area, we will begin the process with a conversation. The first step is getting to know you and the issues that you have. Once we know what issues you are having, we will begin the process of finding you the perfect Walkers or Rollator. We know that choosing the right Walkers or Rollators product is an important decision, so we never rush our customers. Once you have decided on the product you want to purchase, we will provide you with all the information you need and answer any questions that you have!

At ADAPT Home Health Care, we understand the importance of being mobile in a safe and effective manner. That’s why we offer a wide selection of walkers, rollators and other mobility aids that is suitable for use by all ages. Our home health care specialists would be happy to determine the right solution for you or your loved ones.

Why Choose ADAPT Home Health Care

Not sure why you should pick ADAPT Home Health Care for your Walkers and Rollators products needs? Here are a few reasons why!
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Patients First
At ADAPT Home Health Care our team always puts our patients needs first. Our goal is to ensure that you are happy and that your home health care product is the perfect fit.
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Multiple Locations
We have home health care products in Mississauga and home health care products in Brampton to better serve you!
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Medical Equipment Specialists
Come in to meet our Trained Specialists that will help provide the education and expertise to ensure you receive the best product and advice possible for your needs.
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Rentals, Delivery & Setup
We also provide rentals, delivery and set-up services. Let us help you and your loved ones find a solution.
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Government/ADP Approved Vendor
We are an approved government vendor to help facilitate financial assistance under the ADP Program for Rollators and Lymphedema if a patient qualifies.
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Insurance coverage is available at ADAPT Home Health Care. Visit us today to let our team help you determine how much your private insurance company covers.
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Superior Customer Service
Our customers often comment on our level of dedication. We always want our customers to have the best experience possible when they visit us.

The ADAPT Home Health Care Guarantee

At ADAPT Home Health Care, we always go above and beyond for our customers. That’s why we ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. We only supply our customers with the best brands in the industry, but if for some reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we will help resolve the issue!

Walkers & Rollators

We carry various top brands of Walkers & Rollators. These include the following:
Nexus 3 Rollator

Nexus 3 Rollator

The Nexus 3 Rollator is the first rollator to feature a cross-folding frame. This rollator can stand independently, even when it is in the folded position! The unique frame allows the user to easily switch between ergonomic walking to fitting in a narrow doorway. The Nexus 3 rollator is lightweight, easy to fold, and has cable-free braking.
  • Cable-free braking system
  • Original cross-folding design
  • Lightweight and easy to fold even with the bag on the rollator
Drive Nitro Duet Rollator

Drive Nitro Duet

The Drive Nitro Duet combines the features of a rollator and transport chair into one unit. The user can use the unit independently or be pushed safely by a caregiver. The backrest is reversible (no tools required) so that it can quickly and easily switch between being a rollator and a transport chair.
Evolution Trillium Walkers

Evolution Trillium

The Evolution Trillium Series is one of the most comfortable and lightweight walkers on the market. It has a removable padded seat cushion, a wide back strap pad, cable free braking, adjustable handle height, and so much more!
Bios Medical Folding Walker with Wheels

Bios Medical Folding Walker with Wheels

The Bios Medical Folding Walker with Wheels is a 2 wheeled walker that will help keep you moving. Ths walker is designed to help you navigate over difficult terrain with ease. This walker is designed with a U-shape which allows the user to stand closer to the unit. It has two 5” front wheels and rear rubber feet. It also features comfortable hand grips and a lightweight aluminum frame.
Drive Deluxe Folding Walker

Drive Deluxe Folding Walker

The Drive Deluxe Folding Walker is a no wheeled walker with a U-shape for easy movement and great support. This walker also features easy push-button mechanisms that can be operated by the users fingers, palm, or the side of their hand. If you’re looking for extra support when walking, the Drive Deluxe Folding Walker is an excellent choice!

If you’re interested in learning more about these products, or other products we carry, visit us in-store today!

Request 1-on-1 Advice

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Walkers & Rollators. See the most common topics and more.
01. What is the Difference Between a Walker and a Rollator?
A Rollator has 3 or 4 wheels and brakes whereas a walker is a frame with handles that needs to be lifted in order to be moved. Walkers are better for slower moving patients and Rollators are better for moving at a faster speed. Walkers are intended to be used indoors while a rollator can be used indoors and outdoors. Additionally, a rollator offers a seat and storage.

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