Wheelchairs & Transport chairs


Transport chairs are perfect for short trips and to transfer patients from one location to another. If you’re looking for a transport chair to help improve your or a loved one’s life, the Invacare Blue Transport Chair is the perfect option.

At ADAPT Home Health Care, we understand the importance of being mobile in a safe and effective manner. We offer a wide selection of transport chairs, wheelchairs and scooters for all ages. These products are available for rental or purchase. Our home health care specialists would be happy to determine the right solution for you or your loved ones. If you don’t see what you are looking for or if you are unsure of what you need then call or visit us today so we can assist you further, because your health is our concern.
The Invacare Blue Transport Chair is the perfect mobility solution. Not only are the large wheels convenient, they are also lightweight and compact! The wheels are made of urethane, allowing them to be non-marking, giving you less to worry about on your journey.

The seat is constructed of nylon because it is durable and padded for additional comfort. The vinyl arm supports are also padded to ensure the user is as comfortable as possible. The footrests on the Invacare Blue Transport Chair are removable and can be flipped up in order to add comfort and ease for the user. This transport chair also features calf support for additional comfort!

This transport chair features dual attendant hand brakes for both ease and safety. The dual braking/wheel lock controls allow for the rear wheels to be slowed, or, if the user chooses, they can be locked. These systems operate completely independently of each other to ensure maximum safety and control. The transport chair also comes with rear mounted curb aids, that, when combined with the large wheels, make climbing curbs or other thresholds extremely easy!
Need a transport chair that is easy to transport? The Invacare Blue Transport Chair features a back support that can be folded down, as well as a folding frame with handles to make carrying it easier. This means that you can go anywhere without issue, store it in small hidden spaces, and also travel by car or plane hassle-free. Plus, the transport chair comes with a rear storage pouch to hold your personal items and keep them close and secure!

If you want to learn more about the Invacare Blue Transport Chair, or purchase your very own, call or visit the experts at ADAPT Home Health Care! Our staff can help answer any of your questions and assist in getting your transport chair. We have 2 locations in Mississauga and 1 in Brampton to better serve the home health care needs of the GTA. We look forward to hearing from you!